Jardins Jardin

Paris, France

Photographer: Jean-Marie Colrat

Jardins, Jardin is blend between natural and urban landscapes. Located in the heart of Paris, this project is a partnership with the Musée du Louvre and represents the work of many architects and landscape planners in one installation.

Reeds, originally designed in the 1960s by Klaus Begasse, gives the illusion of a whimsical forest.  Its rods diffuse a soft, ambient light.  The modular fixture can be installed on its own or in clusters, to create a fantasy garden of light.

The Tolomeo XXL floor lamp features all of the same features as the original Tolomeo, in a 4:1 scale.  This larger than life fixture adds an impressive and playful look to any outdoor environment.

Cefiso outdoor and ground projectors feature adjustable direct emission from high-performance LEDs as well as different beam options. The projectors harmoniously fit into the landscape and diffuse essential lighting in an outdoor space. Cefiso uses light as an architectural expression.