Pebble Beach, California (USA)

The “O” lamp was featured in the Pininfarina Villa as part of Monterey Car Week.

Pininfarina hosted their clients and partners at Pininfarina Villa in Pebble Beach, CA as part of Monterey Car Week 2019.  Pininfarina unveiled their new Battista Hypercar at the weeklong installation that coincided with the Pebble Beach Car Show on August 18th in California.

Pininfarina is an Italian car design firm that was founded in 1930 with headquarters in Cambiano, Italy.  Pininfarina has worked with brands such as Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Peugeot, Fiat, GM, Maserati, and more to design vehicles. Pininfarina’s installation during Monterey Car Week was an opportunity to showcase their latest designs to their valued clients and partners for the first time in the United States.

Artemide lighting was installed at the villa, throughout the yard of the home that hosted the event.    The lighting enhanced the beautiful natural space and gardens, and allowed Pininfarina to host evening events to showcase their latest models.  “O” provided the perfect unobtrusive light that helped to frame the space while providing functional light.

The Pininfarina Villa helped to show guests the story behind the design, so guests could understand what goes into designing the car of their dreams.  Everything chosen to design the house was specially selected by the brand to create an environment of beauty and innovation, with partners that follow their key themes of technology and environmentally conscious design.   The villa was a place for guests to experience emotion, history, luxury, and sustainability that are key to Pininfarina and the selected partners on display.