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Ernesto Gismondi, Founder, Artemide

Artemide has been a worldwide leader in lighting design with an unparalleled commitment to technological innovation, research and human interaction. Established in 1959 by Ernesto Gismondi and Sergio Mazza, the company specializes in the manufacture of lighting designed by architects and has created award-winning collaborations with some of the world’s most talented designers including Naoto Fukasawa, David Chipperfield, Zaha Hadid, Jean Nouvel, Karim Rashid and Herzog & De Meuron.

Among Artemide’s extensive product line are two icons of modern Italian design: the Tizio Desk Lamp designed by Richard Sapper in 1972 and the Tolomeo Desk Lamp designed by Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina in 1986, both of which are included in the permanent collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Museum of Modern Art.

Committed to the philosophy of “The Human Light,” amongst the awards won by Artemide’s designs and designers are Best of the Best by Red Dot Design, iF Design Award by World Design Guide and Wallpaper Magazine Design Award.

Artemide’s current product offerings include Architectural, Design, Outdoor, Danese Milano and Rezek, serving both the contract and residential markets.


Born in Milan and brought to life alongside the Memphis Design Movement, Artemide continues to workshop with both design and technical schools worldwide to create forward-thinking, truly useful, aesthetically enhancing and environmentally aware lighting. Early collaborations with Ettore Sottsass, Gae Aulenti and Bruno Munari laid ground for today’s work with Scott Wilson, Bjarke Ingels Group and Mercedes-Benz.

The history of contemporary lighting is punctuated with Artemide creations beginning with 1960’s Alfa, 1967’s Eclisse designed by Vico Magistretti to today’s collaborations with Philippe Rahm, Ross Lovegrove and Tapio Rosenius.

An early proponent of LED technology, Artemide is committed to eco-sustainability through design and production seeking to minimize energy consumption and waste through a product’s life cycle.

History dates related to events

  • 1960

    Artemide is founded by Ernesto Gismondi and Sergio Mazza in Milan. The first lamp released is the Alfa, designed by Sergio Mazza in 1959.

  • 1965

    The Polluce lamp designed by Enzo Mari in collaboration with Anna Fasolis is released.

  • 1967

    The Eclisse Lamp, designed by Vico Magistretti, wins the Compasso d’Oro Award.

  • 1972

    Richard Sapper designs the iconic Tizio lamp, using a halogen light source and inspired by car headlights. The Tizio has since become a symbol of Design throughout the world.

  • 1976

    After the success of the Polluce, Enzo Mari designs another successful product, Aggregato, in collaboration with Giancarlo Fassina.

  • 1981

    Artemide opens its first showroom in the United States in New York City.

  • 1983

    Artemide opens a showroom in Los Angeles.

  • 1984

    Artemide opens a showroom in Chicago.

  • 1987

    The iconic Tolomeo lamp, designed by Michele de Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina, makes its debut. The Tolomeo has since become a symbol of the quality and high level of design associated with products made in Italy. The lamp is present in homes and offices worldwide.

  • 1989

    The Tolomeo lamp, designed by Michele de Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina, is honored with the Compasso d’Oro Award.

  • 1995

    Artemide is awarded the Compasso d’Oro Award for Lifetime Achievement.

  • 1996

    The patented Metamorfosi project is born. Human Light is the manifest that identifies the Artemide Vision: the idea of light as a companion to man and his needs.

  • 1999

    Artemide wins the "Leone di Bronzo" Award for the “A Way You Cannot” campaign at the International Advertising Festival of Cannes.

  • 2000

    Artemide opens a new showroom in Miami.

  • 2004

    The Pipe lamp, designed by Herzog & De Meuron, receives the Compasso d’Oro Award.

  • 2006

    Artemide opens a new frontier in the illumination field. The "My White Light" line is introduced, the result of research of the different shades and tones of white light.

  • 2007

    The Itis lamp, designed by Naoto Fukasawa, wins the Red Dot Design Award.

  • 2008

    The Mercury lamp, designed by Ross Lovegrove, wins the Red Dot Design Award.

  • 2009

    The Noto lamp, designed by Michele De Lucchi, wins the Red Dot Design Award.

  • 2011

    The Copernico suspension lamp, designed by Carlotta de Bevilacqua and Paolo Dell'Elce, wins the Red Dot Design Award.

  • 2012

    The Ippolito lamp, designed by Alessandro Pedretti, wins the Red Dot Design Award.

  • 2013

    The IN-EI Collection, designed by Issey Miyake, wins the IF Product Design Award.

    Artemide North America opens showroom in Coral Gables in Miami.

  • 2014

    The IN-EI Collection, designed by Issey Miyake, wins the Compasso d’Oro Award.

    New production facility opens in Canada.

  • 2015

    The Solium lamp, designed by Karim Rashid, wins the Red Dot Design Award.

    Artemide North America opens a new showroom in Chicago.

    The Giacinto Gismondi Center of Innovation re-opens in Pregnana Milanese

  • 2016

    The Eggboard lamp, designed by Giovanni Giacobone and Massimo Roj, wins the Red Dot Design Award.

  • 2017

    Tolomeo Lampione, designed by Michele de Lucchi, won the 2017 edition of the Wallpaper Design Awards, in the “Best Garden Party” category for outstanding outdoor products.

  • 2018

    Artemide is proud to announce that our President and Founder, Ernesto Gismondi, was honored by ADI with the Compasso d’Oro Career Award for his continuous work and passion within the design world.
    Discovery, designed by Ernesto Gismondi, was also honored with a 2018 Compasso d’Oro for the design of the unique fixture.


Existing at the nexus of Italian industrial design and craftsmanship, Artemide is proud to manufacture lighting in Italy, France, Hungary and the United States. Firmly in line with Italian tradition, Artemide makes their own glass utilizing the knowledge and techniques of centuries. Using both time-tested traditions as well as cutting-edge technology, Artemide innovates through sustainable design.


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Picture of Adrien Gardère

Adrien Gardère

Born in France in 1972, Adrien Gardere creates relevant and innately understandable objects and spaces. Trained as an architect, he works to logically adapt cultural reference points in contemporary mediums whether they be as furniture, wall coverings or museum installations.Since 2004, Gardere has served as Artistic Director for visual arts exhibitions held alongside The Kennedy Center’s “World Stages” international live performance programming.

Picture of Alberto Nason

Alberto Nason

Born in Venice in 1972, Alberto Nason combines technical experimentation with creativity. With a native interest in glass, he has since 2001 dedicated himself to developing modern design objects predominantly for the home.

Picture of Alberto Zecchini

Alberto Zecchini

A Milan-based architect and designer, Alberto Zecchini’s work is equally theoretical and whimsical with material conservation key to conception and production.

Picture of Alessandro Mendini

Alessandro Mendini

Born in Milan in 1931, Alessandro Mendini’s work as editor-in-chief of notable architecture and design magazines allowed him to introduce post-war Italian design and manufacturing to the world. When he began creating his own work in the 1980’s, Mendini reacted against the prevailing utilitarian “modernism,” infusing humor into his architecture and objects which demonstrate theoretical concepts through playful experimentation and form.Having received world-wide recognition for both his journalistic as well as practical contributions to the design world, Mendini operates Atelier Mendini in cooperation with his brother Francesco.

Picture of Alessandro Pedretti

Alessandro Pedretti

A Milanese architect, designer and museum exhibition consultant, Pedretti has worked with Studio Rota since 1998.  Equally interested in art, fashion and cinema he designed a “Star Wars” themed exhibit for Milan’s Triennale in 2005.

Picture of Antonio Rodriguez

Antonio Rodriguez

Born in Spain in 1963, Rodriguez has practiced in Milan for over 20 years, joining Matteo Thun & Partners in 2000 to focus on industrial design.

Picture of Arik Levy

Arik Levy

A multi-disciplinary Israeli artist and designer, Arik Levy’s Stab Light for Danese won a 2016 Red Dot design award. Based in Paris, Levy’s multi-media art work is represented by galleries world-wide.

Picture of Artemide


Artemide is a worldwide leader in lighting design with an unparalleled commitment to technological innovation and research. The team at the research and development center in Pregnana Milanese developes every product from concept to industrial production.

Picture of Atelier Oï

Atelier Oï

Founded by a trio of Swiss multi-disciplinary designers, atelier oi have collectively focused their practice on shaping materials to form filtered through emotion for over 20 years.



BIG is a group of architects, designers and thinkers operating within the fields of architecture, urbanism, research and development with offices in Copenhagen and New York City. BIG has A reputation for completing buildings that are as programmatically and technically innovative as they are cost and resource conscious. BIG’s recently completed projects including the Danish Maritime Museum (2013), Superkilen (2012), the 8 House (2010). BIG’s first project was in the Copenhagen Harbor Bath (2003), an urban space that transformed the area of Islands Brygge from a rundown harborfront to the recreational and social center of the city. Current projects under construction include: West 57th, a 750-unit residential building in Manhattan; the Vancouver House tower in Vancouver; the LEGO Brand House in Denmark; the Faroe Islands Education Center; the Shenzhen Energy Mansion in China; and a Wasteto-Energy plant in Copenhagen that will double as a ski slope.

Picture of Bruno Houssin

Bruno Houssin

French-born Bruno Houssin grew up amongst woodworkers and has an affinity for objects built for permanence and made with environmentally-friendly materials. Of utmost importance to his designs are craftsmanship is important and social equity. Kao, a kit of lighting elements, designed for Artemide received a Red Dot “Best of the Best’ Design Award.

Picture of Bruno Munari

Bruno Munari

Bruno Munari explored themes of utility, permanence and play throughout his career. Influenced by Dadaism, Futurism and Surrealism, Munari is best-known through his work as a sculptor and graphic designer. His “Useless Machines” and gorgeously illustrated children’s books evoke as much whimsy and appreciation today as they did nearly 100 years ago.

Picture of Carlo Forcolini

Carlo Forcolini

Born in Como in 1947, Carlo Forcolini has worked in the fields of object design and visual communication. An art director and entrepreneur, Forcolini presented a talk on “The A Side of Design” at TedxVenezia in 2011 and has served on the board of the Institute of European Design since 2009.

Picture of Carlotta de Bevilacqua

Carlotta de Bevilacqua

Architect, designer and above all humanist, Carlotta de Bevilacqua has been a force in contemporary lighting since the 1980’s. A pioneer in LED research and implementation, she created the concept “The Human Light” in which lighting encourages not only the well-being of those who live, work and interact with it, but also the planet. As interested in science of light as the sensory experience, de Bevilacqua seeks to create synergy between products and users through accessible, experimental design. A life-force at Artemide for nearly 4 decades, in addition to her own studio she oversees Danese Milano creating minimal, yet elegant, products which further complement the built environment. In addition to widespread recognition for her work, in 2011, she received a Red Dot Design Award for the Algoritmo and Copernico.

Picture of Daniele Moioli

Daniele Moioli

Moioli has been working with Artemide for over 20 years, and is the current Design Division Director. He has designed products with Michele de Lucchi, including the Logico Garden.

Picture of David Chipperfield

David Chipperfield

The first British architect to curate the Venice Biennale of Architecture, Sir David Chipperfield’s practice is best known for the design and renovation of museums and cultural institutions with a focus on simplified complexity and historical sensibility.

Picture of Enrico Girotti

Enrico Girotti

An Italian born industrial designer, Enrico Girotti appreciates the play between form and structure with objects expressing their intentions.

Picture of Eric Solé

Eric Solé

With a desire for overall simplicity, French designer Eric Sole created functional, futuristic works of art with soft curves which look as good in the dark as when illuminated.

Picture of Ernesto Gismondi

Ernesto Gismondi

The father of Artemide, Ernesto Gismondi propelled his involvement in the Memphis Design movement into profoundly revolutionizing the field of lighting design in both Italy and the world. Born on Christmas Day, Gismondi began his career as an Aeronautical Engineer. Bringing industrial concepts, materials and finishes into lighting designs for both domestic and public space underlines Gismondi’s adherence to meaningful innovation. Recognizing his international contributions to the field of lighting manufacture, he was awarded a Compasso d’Oro lifetime achievement award in 1995.

Picture of Ettore Sottsass

Ettore Sottsass

The godfather of contemporary Italian design, Ettore Sottsass believed products should be as sensual as functional. Trained as an architect, Sottsass was a founding member of Memphis Design, a reaction against monotone formalism towards color and geometrical experimentation. Highly regarded through his iconic designs for the workplace with Olivetti, Sottsass had equal impact on private space with his “Superbox” closet, glass and ceramics.

Picture of Foster & Partners

Foster & Partners

Foster + Partners is one of the most innovative architecture and integrated design practices in the world. Over the past four decades the practice has pioneered a sustainable approach to architecture through a strikingly wide range of work, from urban masterplans, public infrastructure, airports, civic and cultural buildings, offices and workplaces to private houses and product design. Based in London, with offices worldwide, the practice has an international reputation, with buildings in six continents.

Picture of Gerhard Reichert

Gerhard Reichert

German designer Gerhard Reichert believes that emotion and function increase a product’s intrinsic value. A mechanical engineer by training, he seeks to reconcile the utilitarian aspect of an object in relationship to the experience of use and its impact on both the personal and external environment.

Picture of Giancarlo Fassina

Giancarlo Fassina

Born in Milan in 1935, Italian architect Giancarlo Fassini was a leading figure in Italian avant-garde design beginning in the 1970’s. Through his work with the Radical “anti-design” movement he explored scale distortion, color and promoted the social relevance and humor of objects. The Tolomeo, his iconic lamp series for Artemide, was created in collaboration with Michele De Lucchi.

Picture of Giancarlo Mattioli

Giancarlo Mattioli

Born in 1933, Italian designer Giancarlo Mattioli’s Nesso lamp displayed a ground breaking use of injection-molded plastic as a contemporary material for object production. An “icon” of design, the lamp is the permanent collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Museum of Modern Art.

Picture of Gianfranco Frattini

Gianfranco Frattini

Born in Padua and trained as an architect, Gianfranco Frattini turned to industrial design when faced with the lack of lighting he sought for interiors projects. The Boalum lamp he co-designed with Livio Castiglioni in 1970 is in the collection of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.

Picture of Giovanni Giacobone - Massimo Roy

Giovanni Giacobone - Massimo Roy

Working together since 1994 at Milan-based Progetto CMR, Giacobone and Roj’s award-winning architectural practice has extensive experience in workplace design and engineering with an emphasis on environmental sustainability.Their motto: Less ego more eco.



Giulio Iacchetti’s work focuses on research and definition of new object typologies, such as the disposable “Moscardino” spoon-fork he designed with Matteo Ragni. Iacchetti has been working as an industrial designer since 1992, collaborating with brands such as Alessi, Danese, Moleskine, and Pandora design. In 2009 he was awarded the “Premio dei Premi” prize for innovation, presented by the President of the Italian Republic, for the Coop Eureka project, which introduced design into the large-scale retail trade. In 2012 he launched Internoitaliano, a “factory network” made up of labs across Italy with whom he designs and produces furniture and accessories inspired by the Italian way of living.

Picture of Giuseppe Maurizio Scutellà

Giuseppe Maurizio Scutellà

Born in Italy in 1962, Giuseppe Maurizio Scutella in an expert in die-cast molding for object design. Having created products for Ducati and Mercedes amongst others, Scutella approaches lighting fixtures as appliances with a soul, choosing to emphasize their magic over practicality.

Picture of Guido Matta

Guido Matta

Born in Italy in 1953, Guido Matta’s early career was in architecture and glass blown objects. His research into the industrial design capabilities of polymers has led him to work with the global personal care industry on product, exhibition and boutique design.

Picture of Herzog & De Meuron

Herzog & De Meuron

Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron, established their practice in 1978 in Basel, Switzerland. Now numbering close to 500 collaborators with offices worldwide, the partnership has designed award-winning spaces for cultural organizations, hotels, museums, residences and sports stadiums. Known for transforming traditional architectural materials through innovative treatment and complex geometric expression yet retaining a focus on the essentials of design, among their best-known projects are The Tate Modern, Beijing’s Olympic Stadium, Prada Tokyo and Miami’s 1111 Lincoln Road.Amongst other awards, they are the recipients, in 2001, of The Pritzker Architectural Prize.

Picture of Huub Ubbens

Huub Ubbens

Born in The Netherlands in 1964, Huub Ubbens ran Artemide’s design department from 1997-2004. Deeply interested in the culture and science of light, he believes light displays both rhythm and geographic influence.

Picture of Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake

Born in Hiroshima in 1938, Issey Miyake is best known for his technology-inspired fashion, fragrances and boutiques. Interested in the way fabric works with the body and space he has continued to evolve his versatile and functional designs with the underlying concern to promote consumerism careful of man’s consumption of environmental resources.His fixtures for Artemide have been developed with his team at Reality Lab, a research-oriented idea and product incubator established in 2007.

Picture of Jan Van Lierde

Jan Van Lierde

Born in Belgium in 1954, Jan Van Lierde has worked in architecture as well as lighting and product design.

Picture of Jean Nouvel

Jean Nouvel

An insatiable gusto for creative experimentation drives the work of Jean Nouvel. Born in France in 1945, Nouvel combines an artistic sensibility with theoretical concepts when considering issues of design.Known for approaching architecture as a sculptor, he infuses native cultural elements within his designs for the built environment. In 2008, Nouvel was awarded The Pritzker Architectural Prize.

Picture of Jean-Michel Wilmotte

Jean-Michel Wilmotte

Pioneering the concept of “Urban Interior Architecture,” Jean-Michel Wilmotte infuses practical application throughout his designs in which public space is treated with the same considerations as private space. Born in France in 1948, Wilmotte’s firm has been in practice since 1975. Throughout a varied career encompassing architecture and object design, he is as well-known for adaptive re-use of older buildings within an urban planning context as he is for museum exhibitions and high-end boutiques.

Picture of Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid

Born in Egypt in 1960, raised in Canada and now an American citizen, Karim Rashid was hailed by Time Magazine as the most famous industrial designer in all of the Americas. Having won over 300 awards for his prolific work on everything from retail packaging to transit hubs to kitchen accoutrements, in 2012 he was inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame. The author of several books illustrating his perspective on democratic design, Rashid’s style is at once sensual, silly, serious and unmistakeable.

Picture of Klaus Begasse

Klaus Begasse

German-born designer Klaus Begasse runs a multi-disciplinary practice in Stuttgart. His organic-inspired Reeds are a modular, flexible outdoor product for Artemide.

Picture of Laura Pessoni

Laura Pessoni

Employed by Artemide for nearly 10 years. Laura Pessoni is an Italian designer who has worked closely with Carlotta de Bevilacqua on interior and design projects such as the Null Vector light released in 2013.

Picture of Massimo Roj

Massimo Roj

Massimo Roj is an Italian architect and designer who specializes in office design and planning.  He graduated from the Politecnico of Milan with a degree in Architecture and worked for companies including Spinelli, Morisi and Helg.  In 1994, he founded Progetto CMR, a leader in integrated space planning, interior design, and architecture.  Progetto CMR has since expanded with a strong presence in the Chinese market.  Roj contributes to design and architecture journals around the world and has written books on design philosophy.

Picture of Massimo Sacconi

Massimo Sacconi

Born in Florence, Massimo Sacconi is perhaps best known for his industrial lighting design and programming work with Autostrade per l’Italia who build and management the country’s toll motorways. His products for Artemide increase our high-performance LED outdoor offerings.

Picture of Matteo Thun

Matteo Thun

Born in Italy in 1952, Matteo Thun co-founded the Memphis Design movement in 1981. Having trained as an architect, his practice promotes designs which are simple in appearance but complex in meaning. The winner of many awards, in 2004 he was inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame.

Picture of Mercedes-Benz Style

Mercedes-Benz Style

Since 2010, in addition to classic automobile design, Mercedes-Benz designers have also created designs for other products in cooperation with selected partners under the label Mercedes-Benz Style. The aim is to transfer Mercedes-Benz's unmistakable, progressive design idiom and high standards of luxury and aesthetic appeal to other spheres of life. All of the products designed by Mercedes-Benz Style boast a dynamic and avant-garde design that is the hallmark of the brand, as well as uncompromising quality and a choice of fine materials finished to perfection. The portfolio of Mercedes-Benz Style includes products in the areas of mobility, lifestyle, sport and interior design.

Picture of Michele De Lucchi

Michele De Lucchi

Born in Italy in 1961, Michele De Lucchi designed the Tolomeo in 1987. The lamp is now available in sizes from mini to mega is arguably Artemide’s most iconic fixture. Having a background in architecture and industrial design, De Lucchi also favors a craftsman-like approach and since 1990 through the line “Produzione Privata,” he has created a series of artisan-produced items such as small sculptures carved with a power saw.

Picture of Mikko Laakkonen

Mikko Laakkonen

Trained as a musical instrument-maker Finnish designer Mikko Laakkonen was Reddot’s Furniture Designer of the Year for 2014.  Well known for his use of wood, he incorporates a perspective from nature and sideways perspective into objects for everyday use.

Picture of NA Design

NA Design

Products by NA Design are developed at the R&D center in Montreal, Canada.

Picture of Naoto Fukasawa

Naoto Fukasawa

Born in Japan in 1956, Naota Fukasawa is known for his streamlined industrial products which defy easy categorization. Integrating an environmental approach with practical application, his designs promote social good. Having worked for the firm IDEO in both the US and Japan, Fukasawa’s award-winning design strategy is the concept of “Outline,” promoting a simple, unified harmony between object and user. In addition to running his own Tokyo-based firm, Fukasawa is a design advisor to MUJI.

Picture of Neil Poulton

Neil Poulton

Born in Scotland in 1963, Neil Poulton is best known for technology-based product design including the Ageing Pen, made from “living” plastic which wears away with use and LaCie’s ground-breaking FireWire Speakers.Having created multiple award-winning products for companies all over the world, Poulton lives and works in Paris where he continues to focus on simple, mass-produced objects of practical use.

Picture of NERI&HU


Founded in 2004 by partners Lydon Neri and Rossana Hu, Neri&Hu Design and Research Office is an inter-disciplinary architectural design practice based in Shanghai, China with an office in London, UK. Neri&Hu work internationally providing architecture, interior, master planning, graphic and product design services. The multi-cultural staff speaks over 30 different languages, reinforcing a core vision for the practice: to respond to a global worldview, incorporating overlapping design disciplines for a new paradigm in architecture. Neri&Hu believe strongly in research as a design tool.

Picture of Paola di Arianello

Paola di Arianello

Employed by Artemide for nearly 10 years, Paola di Arianello is an Italian graphic and industrial designer who has worked closely with Carlotta de Bevilacqua on interior and design projects such as the Empatia released in 2013 and the winner of a Wallpaper Design Award.

Picture of Paolo Dell'Elce

Paolo Dell'Elce

Born in Italy in 1983, Paolo Dell’Elce is an Italian industrial designer and creative director who has worked closely with Carlotta de Bevilacqua on interior and design projects such as the best-in-class, ultra-low-wattage LED –based Reall and Copernico, a flexible lighting fixture made from a single sheet of aluminum which the end user can configure as they wish.



Patrick Norguet approaches objects and design from a graphic perspective. Since childhood, he has preferred sketchbooks to textbooks, filling them up with sketches and drawings. A "hands-on" approach of industry and design studies in Paris (ESDI) mark the unusual profile of this constructive rebel. For Patrick Norguet, design is, first and foremost, about happy encounters. What he is most passionate about is exchanging with manufacturers, discovering their know-how; the impulse of a creative intention refined by technical constraints, economic stakes and the expectations of a user whom he hopes to discreetly but durably win over. "A well-designed object, an object created through generous collaboration is timeless." From consumer products to luxury objects, Patrick Norguet leaves an impression of authenticity and elegance. Today, he is an essential figure on the international design scene.

Picture of Pio & Tito Toso

Pio & Tito Toso

Italian brothers born in 1973 and 1971 respectively, Pio & Tito Toso love working with light and its endless variations. Their interest in combining both ancient and contemporary techniques of making and finishing glass, combined with cutting-edge energy-performance pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved in fixture design.

Picture of Richard Sapper

Richard Sapper

Born in Germany in 1932, Richard Sapper created the Tizio desk lamp for Artemide in 1972. This now-classic design has gone on to become one of the best-selling light fixtures ever produced. A prolific designer who famously turned down Steve Jobs offer of a job at Apple, Sapper died in 2015. Over a varied career spent designing everything from cars for Fiat to IBM’s first ThinkPad to multiple items for Alessi, he made a point of reducing technically- difficult design problems into concise, approachable items.

Picture of Roberto Paoli

Roberto Paoli

An Italian industrial designer, Roberto Paoli aspires to balance formal structural concepts with material plasticity in his geometric designs. Reduced to their essential use, whether a lighting fixture, chair or mirror/bookshelf, his designs are only as strong as their underlying structure.

Picture of Ron Rezek

Ron Rezek

California born Ron Rezek has designed a wide range of products including ceiling fans, lighting and even lifeguarding equipment.  He studied industrial design under Charles Eames at UCLA, and is known for his signature clean and contemporary style. In addition to his work in the lighting industry, Rezek is credited with modernizing the ceiling fan as a design object.  No matter what product he is designing, he believes in “simplicity in form and economy in production.”

Picture of Ross Lovegrove

Ross Lovegrove

Born in Wales in 1958, Ross Lovegrove is a visionary industrial designer for whom the inherent logic and beauty of nature are paramount to any man-made object. Having designed everything from modes of transportation to furniture to human-scale electronic devices, minimal organic beauty underlies every concept. Widely published and award-winning, Lovegrove creates beauty through the marriage of biology and object. His TED talks on the topic of “Fat-Free” organic design have been viewed over 4 million times.

Picture of S./R. Cornelissen

S./R. Cornelissen

Belgians Serge, born 1970, and Robert, born 1946 have created architectural lighting systems and fixtures since 1993. The Tagora, a lighting fixture first introduced in 2008 sees periodical refreshes with new variations in color and application.

Picture of Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson

Born in 1968, Chicago-based ”disruptor” Scott Wilson creates emotionally resonant, yet practical objects for human use intended to positively impact the lives of those who use them. His conversion kit to transform an iPod Nano into the first “Apple Watch” was Kickstarter’s first real success story. Created through his consultancy MINIMAL, Wilson’s designs for everything from medical tools to video game systems have gone on to win recognition and awards across multiple categories including, in 2012, the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award for excellence.

Picture of Sergio Mazza

Sergio Mazza

Born in Italy in 1931, Sergio Mazza created the iconic Alfa in 1959. It was Artemide’s first table lamp and incorporated natural and man-made elements of glass, marble and metal. Amongst other design credits, Mazza also created fiberglass molded seating and other home furnishings for Artemide throughout the 1960’s which were produced for a short period time but are highly collectible.

Picture of Studio 63

Studio 63

Based in Florence, Studio 63 was founded in 1998 by Piero Angelo Orecchioni and Massimo Dei.  Specialists in retail and hotel environments globally, their interiors and objects are the fruit of creative research and dialogue between design and material.

Picture of Sung Jang & Martin Thaler

Sung Jang & Martin Thaler

Working together since 2012 as Article LLC, Chicago-based designers Jang and Thaler are academics at heart.  Interested in the formal aspects of design and the possibilities of materials their designs collectively and alone aim to satisfy what technology makes possible with what the end user requires.



Tapio Rosenius is the founder and design director of the Lighting Design Collective (LDC). The company is based in three studios in Europe (Madrid, London & Helsinki) and operates globally with a network of collaborators from Miami to Mexico to Hong Kong. LDC specializes in customized architectural lighting solutions and light art with a uniquely integrated portfolio. LDC also creates cutting-edge services such as digital content creation, software development and design strategies. Originally from Finland, Rosenius is a designer and artist whose work has been recognized by numerous awards around the globe in the fields of lighting design, architecture and art. Rosenius holds a Master of Science in Light & Lighting from UCL Bartlett University in London and a Medianomi in Lighting Design from the Tampere School of Arts & Communication in Finland. He regularly gives lectures at universities, trade shows, and professional conferences on the subject of lighting design for the built environment.

Picture of Vico Magistretti

Vico Magistretti

Best known for the 1967-designed Eclisse, Vico Magsitretti was born in Italy in 1920. Trained as an architect, his lifelong passion was minimal, usable design which he implemented in large building projects as well as intimately-scaled fixtures and furnishings for noted companies such as Flou and Kartell throughout his 60-year career.