Krefeld, Germany

Photographer: Bernadette Grimmenstein

Interface’s offices in Krefled, Germany, are designed with a modern and sleek style.

Skydro Ceiling’s glossy finish and biomorphic surfaces allow it to reflect both light and its surroundings, creating a chic and elegant mirror effect.

The iconic and award-winning Tolomeo is perfectly suited for any space requiring a task light. The suspension version, displayed at Interface, integrates well into space and its balancing arm system makes it adaptable to multiple angles and allows the user to adjust to suit his or her needs.

Eggboard Suspension offers both acoustic and visual comfort. Ideally situated for an open workspace, Eggboard helps absorbs sound by reducing sound reverberations around the fixture, while diffusing a perfectly even light. The multi-functional helps create a comfortable and productive workspace.

Everything is a recessed fixture that guarantees high-quality lighting. Everything’s flexibility and miminal design allows it to adapt to any space.
Picto track lighting suited for many applications. Usually used in museums, showrooms and public spaces, Picto fits well in an office environment. Light can be directed as needed, as Picto can be rotated to move light to the desired angle.

Algoritmo offers a wide range of possible configurations. Algoritmo has the capacity to fit in numerous architectural projects. In Interface’s conference room, Algoritmo blends in perfectly in the dropped ceiling panels.
Tagora Suspension is an elegant, modern, fixture, customizable in different size formats and vivid color combinations. Tagora Suspension adds contrast and volume to the environment.

Cata Ceiling is a projector which supplies energy efficent accent lighting. Originally developed for use in museums or galleries, Cata Ceiling is adaptable to any type of space. Cata’s innovation lies in its mechanic configuration which translates through 3 interconnected functional blocks: an extremely flat converter, a dissipating body, and an interchangeable optical module that can easily be changed thanks to a “twist and lock” mechanism.

Laguna Suspension and Floor creates an elegant and chic effect in the office. Laguna combines a traditional handblown Venetian glass diffuser with a high-powered light source and minimal design.
Empatia Suspension combines traditional handblown glass with modern LED technology. Timeless and unique, Empatia Suspension is in perfect harmony with the environment.  Available in a range of sizes, Empatia can be combined to create a cluster of light.

Led Net’s smooth and modern lines provide a bright and diffused light. Led Net Ceiling adds a decorative and artistic shape, diffusing light in unique patterns on the ceiling.