National Neuromonitoring Services

San Antonio (TX), USA

Project by Open Studio Architecture & CBI Group (Culture Based Interiors)
Courtesy CBI Group (Culture Based Interiors)

The National Neuromonitoring Services office located in San Antonio, TX feature large modern and sleek open spaces.

Three Nur Suspensions hang over the large table in the conference room. With their bold size and shape, the Nur Suspension dominates the space while diffusing a soft and comfortable light to foster the exchange of ideas. The Nur Suspension lamps bring a touch of modernism and elegance to the room.

Several Talo Suspension lamps float over the open workspace. Talo Suspension has a sleek and subtle style which fits seamlessly in with the rest of the room. The light dispensed by Talo is situated directly over the desks; creating a soft and pleasant light suited for work.