Ameluna is the result of a collaboration between Artemide and Mercedes-Benz Style, an exciting new partnership between two international leaders in their respective fields.

Both brands are united by the same values of design, innovation, and quality. The design unites the two companies’ innovative expertise in the areas of design and technology, combining the lighting competence of Artemide with the distinctive style of Mercedes-Benz. The partnership looks to the future with research and innovation as keys to improve the quality of everyday life.


Ameluna combines beauty with intelligence.

Its shape features the same dynamic curve found in the cars of Mercedes-Benz. The lamp embodies Mercedes-Benz’s design philosophy of sensual purity, characterized by the aesthetically complex interplay between pure forms, sensual surfaces, and high-tech intelligence.



Ameluna features cutting-edge technology through optoelectric innovation and the ability to interact with the surrounding environment in a digital dialogue.

It can be controlled from an app that can memorize the lighting experience in the new Mercedes E-Class and replicate the same atmosphere in any other space. The idea is to be able to seamlessly transition from one environment to another, for example from your car into your home, the app can help maintain the ambience.



Ameluna does not need a central light source.
The bottom edge of the lamp is surrounded with a flexible aluminum strip that serves as a carrier for 288 LEDs to provide optimum illumination throughout the transparent body. The light radiates downward like a ring, causing the entire lamp to glow.
Suspended only by three ultrathin wires, the lamp appears to float in space.


The name, Ameluna, is a combination of Artemide (A), Mercedes-Benz (Me), and Luna, the Italian word for moon.
Like the moon is lit by the sun, an extra spotlight situated above the lamp is the source of its wide range of color effects.

Ameluna represents an innovative vision of design where light is able to generate emotion and interaction.

Ameluna classic is available now and Ameluna RGB is arriving in Summer 2017.