Chicago, USA

Project by Camburas & Theodore, Ltd.
Photographer: Leslie Schwartz

Mariano’s, a grocery store located in Chicago, elevates the shopping experience with a series of gourmet food kiosks located throughout the store. Light is an integral part of the store design, giving each kiosk a distinct visual style.
Altrove Suspensions float over and along the bar, their satin look directs light to create a mirror effect that takes the space to the next level. Altrove brings modernism to the atmosphere. Empatia Suspension’s transparent diffuser dispenses a warm light, creating a cozy atmosphere. Empatia Suspensions over Nutella’s counter bring a unique and playful design to the space.

The mix of Kao Suspension and wall versions brings modernism and elegance to the environment. Kao dispenses precise and structured rays of light into the dining area. Ledbar are in perfect harmony with the wall in which they are embedded. Modern and versatile, Ledbar create a clear and soft light.
Nur Suspensions add bold yet minimal lighting to the bakery and prepared food counters. Scopas Suspension, ideally placed over an open staircase, creates a unique atmosphere. With its futuristic and irregular shape, Scopas brings us into another time and place.

Tagora Ceiling adds a touch of modernity to the store’s cheese department. Tagora’s brown and orange colorway enhances the rustic design of the rooom.