• Part of the Artemide masterpieces collection, Shogun is featured in the collections of museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Originally released in 1986, Shogun has been updated to incorporate modern LED technology and is a stunning work of contemporary design.

    With its bold black and white stripes, Shogun creates a strong graphic presence with its contrast. Its diffuser is crafted of perforated steel, which diffuses a soft light through the tiny holes creating an interesting pattern of light and shadow.

    Shogun’s eye-catching design is also highly functional. It features an innovative steel shade can be adjusted to direct light where it is desired.

  • -Diffuser and stem are made of metal.
    -Perforated sheet steel diffusers painted internally in white and externally in black.
    -The pattern on the base is neat and fair.
    -Adjustable diffuser.

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