Ripple Suspension


  • This suspension system shapes the qualities of space through molecular growth, combining light with sound absorption.

    Comprised of circular structures in three different diameters, it works through layers of performance that can be modulated as required.
    The structures are made of an innovative heat-conducting molded plastic which dissipates heat, allowing high-power LEDs to be used. Ripple is offered in a basic cluster combining elements of three different diameters.

    The strength of the project lies in the complete freedom to shape the ambient qualities of the installation space, starting from the individual rings used to achieve custom solutions. The free composition of the elements and their performance layers (connection, light, acoustics) calibrates both illumination and the acoustic control potential.

    Once again, Artemide’s project with BIG is guided by a strong idea of interaction with spaces, an open, modular and scalable solution that combines technological innovation with compositional intelligence, translating all this into something apparently simple but striking and functional.

  • -Heat-conducting molded plastic

  • LED

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