IXA Table


  • Inspired by Alexander Calder's dynamic sculptures, the design interprets the idea of "elegant balance" through precision engineering.

    Ixa is a complete and transversal family composed trough the combination of an adjustable spherical head, rods and counterweights. It is a smart and scalable principle that allows the Ixa family to expand with the addition of new versions.

    Ixa is the expression of functional, productive and sustainable intelligence through deliberate choices of reduction and simplification, the result of a solid design know-how. Artemide and Foster+Partners share a profound approach to sustainable design that permeates product development at every stage and singles itself out as an essential element of the project.

    Ixa brings light to where it is needed, inviting us to physically interact with the object that makes us authors of our light space.

    Flexibility and functionality, quality and dynamism of light, simple, soft lines, with a classic, simple look turn Ixa into a timeless project, which can be reinterpreted in countless situations for a long life, the basis of a sustainable project.

  • -Aluminum body
    -Steel base

  • LED

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