GOPLE System


  • Gople system combines with the Alphabet of light system, creating a universal lighting able to meet the requirements of any space, but above all to define a new approach to lighting projects.

    This is an increasingly universal language that diversifies its performance and expands the freedom to illuminate every angle.

    Gople spot adds accent lights to break up the diffused light of Alphabet of light. Light thus follows spaces and activities not just by tracing geometries that move fluidly in three directions, but also through an alternation of light and shadow, the choice of light emissions that are diversified and specialized.

    Alphabet of light is a versatile, multi-use project, perfect for illuminating any space, which in combination with Gople system opens up new fields of application and increasingly becomes the ideal tool for retail spaces.

    Gople spot offers efficient performance, excellent color rendering and numerous variables in terms of emission qualities such as color temperature and beam angles, which make it a professional, technical product.

  • -Structure in anodized aluminum, powder coat sheet metal.

  • LED - Integrated