AMELUNA Suspension


  • Ameluna is the result of a collaboration between Artemide and Mercedes-Benz Style, combining the lighting competence of Artemide with the distinctive style of Mercedes-Benz.  Ameluna features cutting-edge technology through optoelectric innovation and the ability to interact with the surrounding environment in a digital dialogue.

    Ameluna is also available in RGB version. It can be controlled from an app that can memorize the lighting experience. Ameluna RGB is not compatible with dimmer, dimming controlled by the Ameluna app.

    Ameluna RGB must be installed on a circuit controlled by an On/Off switch.
    Ameluna produces a seemingly mystical light, like that of bioluminescent creatures. The bottom edge of the lamp contains an extremely flexible printed circuit board injected with 288 LEDs to provide optimum illumination. The light radiates downward and is dispersed throughout the transparent body, causing the entire lamp to glow and provide optimum illumination of the space.
    Suspended only by three ultrathin wires, the lamp appears to float in space. 
    The name, Ameluna, is a combination of Artemide (A), Mercedes-Benz (Me), and Luna, the Italian word for moon. Like the moon is lit by the sun, an extra spotlight situated above the lamp is the source of its wide range of color effects.    

  • -Body in high transparency injection-molded PMMA.
    -Heatsink structure in polished calendered aluminum.
    -Lower ring of body in PMMA with opaline finish.
    -Spot in cast aluminum.
    -Ameluna discloses an innovative optoelectronic system integrated in the transparent frame.
    -Heatsink is an extrusion that runs all around the body and hosts the LED strips.
    -Light reflected by thin PMMA element and then diffused by ring of opaline PMMA.

  • LED

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