• Alphabet of Light is a language of light, not only the design of an object but also the development of a strong idea: communicating through light with simplicity and freedom.

    Today, the upper-case letters of Alphabet of Light are presented in in a smaller size. The original 2016 version follows a modularity based on a height of 37" for both upper and lower-case letters as well as for numbers, with a cross-section of 2" in diameter.

    Alphabet of Light letters mini are just 14" high with a cross-section of 1" in diameter. Now it is possible to create messages with fewer space limitations and more freedom of expression in giving voice to values, thoughts and ideas through light.

    Alphabet of Light letters mini cast continuous and comfortable light thanks to the patented optical solution developed for the previous version. Artemide's expertise developed a new patent for the circuits of Alphabet of Light letters mini optimising production with universal and flexible elements.

  • -Thermoplastic

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