• Algoritmo is an innovative system that creates an integrated, dynamic dialogue with architecture. Light becomes a constructive element creating different perspectives and functional identities within a space, with the goal of becoming fully integrated with the architecture.

    Algoritmo is a flexible system that allows different lighting solutions to be joined through the same shared electrical system. 5 lighting performances are included in a single, extruded aluminum body: ambient lighting, office lighting, surface lighting, accent lighting, and directional lighting.

    Algoritmo allows the continuous combination of Sharping light modules, with direct or direct + indirect emission LED lighting in warm white (3000K).

    The versatility of this system gives the ability to create different lighting configurations without interruptions or discontinuities between the wall, ceiling and internal space. It is possible to create lines and corners of continuous lighting on the same plane or at a 90-degree angle.

    Different installation options (surface recessed, surface mounted or suspended) allow for endless possibilities of lighting solutions for every style of architecture. Algoritmo simply gives you more options and greater control when designing light within a space.

    Algoritmo ceiling surface will be available in Standalone and System versions. 2 sizes: 4 feet and 8 feet. 3 colors: black, silver, white and 3 optics: controlled emission, diffused, prismotics lens.

  • -Body in extruded aluminum.
    -Finished in powder coat paint.
    -Internal gear plate with LED driver and array modules mounted on an independent heatsink for better heat dissipation.

  • LED