Spectral Light at the EDIT expo

Spectral Light, designed by Philippe Rahm for Artemide, is one of the featured projects in “The Green & The Gray” exhibit opening September 28th in Toronto.
The exhibition, curated by Carlo Ratti Associati, explores the evolving relationship between nature and cities. The show is part of EDIT, the ten-day Expo for Design, Innovation & Technology (EDIT) produced by Design Exchange (DX). The event is also a part of the celebrations for Canada’s 150th anniversary.

“The Green & The Gray” showcases projects in fields such as urban development, housing and product design that help bridge the rift between cities and nature,
or urban and rural environments.The exhibition focuses on those products and projects that stand out for their ability to envision thriving global communities.

Spectral Light is one of 19 featured projects within the exhibition.
Designed by Philippe Rahm for Artemide, Spectral Light is a lamp made of 12 light wavelengths emitted by 12 LEDs of different semiconductors,
corresponding to 12 wavelengths peaks perceived by different living species: human, dog, cat and plants.
The wavelengths that ultimately make up the lamp are therefore to humans 470 nm (blue), 534nm (green), 564nm (amber).
For the dog 470 nm (blue) and 555nm (lime). For the cat 500nm (cyan) and 556 nm (green) and for plants 470nm (blue) and 662 nm (deep red).


Carlo Ratti Associati designed a 2000 square foot immersive exhibition, with living elements seamlessly juxtaposed with built ones.
Visitors can explore “The Green & The Grey” while moving over a special surface that gives the effect of walking on water.

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“The Green & The Gray”
An exhibition curated by Carlo Ratti Associati for EDIT
September 28th-October 8th, 2017
Toronto, Canada