Artemide-North-America - Tolomeo x Eggboard

The Lavazza Headquarters in New York City is a lively and vibrant office space full of color and artwork.  Artemide lighting is seen throughout the project, from task lights to functional acoustic lamps, to enhance the space and create a productive work environment.
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Lavazza Headquarters, New York, NY USA
Photos by Ola Wilk

Artemide-North-America - Alphabet-of-Ligth

Alphabet of Light

Alphabet of Light can be used to design light in a space with words as well as graphic signs using simple base modules with specific geometric proportions that can be combined to create countless linear or curved structures of light.

The linear and round modules can be combined to form a system of letters, numbers and symbols as well as free or closed compositions. AoL can be arranged in countless basic or more complex structures to produce suspension appliances that can match with architecture or space functions.  Alphabet of Light uses innovative technological and manufacturing principals to produce a continuous and comfortable light.

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“No desk lamp should make you use two hands to position it.” – Michele De Lucchi

A study in balance and movement, the Tolomeo table lamp is designed for a fully adjustable direction of light. Created for Artemide in 1987 by Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina, Tolomeo has become an icon almost 30 years after its birth.

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Artemide-North-America - Tolomeo x Eggboard


Eggboard is a highly efficient appliance combining acoustic and luminous efficiency.  Crafted of sound-absorbing PET which bears a striking resemblance to cardboard egg packaging, active “faces” operate at the top and bottom to minimize sound reflections.

The curved sinusoid layer encloses multiple low-voltage LEDs assembled on board whose light emission is adjusted and controlled with roto-symmetrical reflectors. A soft down light and controlled dark light are suitable for offices equipped with video terminals.

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Tolomeo Mega

An extension to the iconic Tolomeo family, Tolomeo Mega features the same arm balancing system as the Tolomeo table lamp combined with a selection of parchment or fabric shades, creating its own sub-family.

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