Artemide is proud to announce the launch of Series Y designed in collaboration with Gensler, as product design consultant.

The renowned architectural firm worked with Artemide to create an innovative new lighting system that is ideal for the modern workspace.
While designing the fixture, they looked how light affects people’s emotions, how designers use architectural systems within the work environment,
how people can benefit from proper lighting, and how technology can play a fundamental role in the future of office lighting.

The resulting fixture’s design innovation starts from the cross-section itself:
a pure, simple, parabolic optic found in nature that efficiently delivers comfortable lighting.

Artemide and Gensler will celebrate the Series Y launch with an event held in the Artemide flagship store in Chicago during Lightfair.

At Gensler, we start every project addressing the ‘why.’ For this collaboration with Artemide, we started by thinking about human performance and asking why not design architectural lighting to provide a meaningful connection between people and space. Architectural lighting must address efficient, functional and rational performance, and, at the same time, can complete space with unexpected compositions through character and personality.


Steven Meier, LEED AP BD+C, Principal, Gensler Chicago

“Gensler’s Chicago team gained insights from our diverse workplace practice, which led us to the realization that designers, building owners and occupants of office space are moving away from the traditional interior architecture of dropped ceiling planes and recessed fixtures. Breaking the ceiling plane and opening up spatial volumes: It has been empirically shown that higher ceilings inspire creativity. Lighting must become a feature, a signature in the space.”

Vincenzo Centinaro, Strategist, Gensler Chicago


The Series Y gives clients choice with unique levels of personal control.

Integrated responsive attributes give designers and users of space a lighting system that allows some creativity in layout and configuration, too.
This innovative fixture allows designers to complete the composition in the space and create unique forms and endless orientations starting from basic modules.

Gensler knows designers want to design with lighting and a piece such as the Series Y moves seamlessly from
efficient linear configurations to unlimited open compositions in space.

If you are a specifier interested in more information about Series Y, or to attend the event in Chicago, please email RSVP