Gradient Copper

Gradient Chrome

Transparent White



A powerful LED light is housed within a handblown glass diffuser, produced according to ancient Venetian glass-blowing techniques and created in Murano.
The soft glass helps diffuse a soft glow, as light fills the pill shaped diffuser.
The diffuser is available in three options: crystal glass with a white gradient, transparent glass with a silver or copper metallic finish.
The end result is a product that delivers both visual comfort and aesthetic value, while contributing to the wellness of both man and the environment.





Gople Lamp is the perfect example of Artemide’s guiding philosophy of “The Human Light.”
It aspires to create light that is good for the wellness of man and for the environment
that has a positive impact on our quality of life.
The human and responsible light goes hand in hand with design and material savoir faire,
combining next-generation technology with ancient techniques.
It is a perfect expression of sustainable design.