On May 19th, the Artemide showroom joined
the Soho Design District to host its annual NYCxDesign celebration.
During the event, guests were able to see our latest lighting innovations on display
as they enjoyed our signature cocktail, sweets from Lady M, and a custom #PierpaoloFerrarixArtemide photo booth.

Artemide’s latest lighting designs on display included installations by Elemental,
Bjarke Ingels Group, Neil Poulton, Neri&Hu, Ernesto Gismondi, & more.

View Event Photos:

“O” by Elemental

“Our project for Artemide is an attempt to reconcile the needs of the natural and the urban environment.
Our strategy is twofold:  on one hand, it is to design a light for the public space that when not in use can be as imperceptible as possible; light without a lamp.

On the other hand, it is to take advantage of different types of sensors so that light appears only when needed.
For “O,” we envision a series of discs that interfere as little as possible in an existing landscape, but that when activated by motion, illuminate the adjacent space for only a limited amount of time.”  – Elemental

“O” is coming soon.

Gople Lamp
by Bjarke Ingels Group

Gople Lamp reconciles human spaces and nature through light.
A handblown glass produced according to an ancient traditional Venetian technique encloses a patented RWB light technology that helps plants grow, creates scenic or ambient effects, and provides functional white lighting.

The RWB system, patented in 2011, is a new paradigm, a different way to approach colored light – no longer RGB (red-green-blue) for man’s psychophysical wellbeing, but rather RWB (red-white-blue) for a light that is respectful of man and the environment.

Gople Lamp is coming soon.

Discovery by Ernesto Gismondi

Discovery is a family of appliances based on minimal geometry.
A very light aluminum ring houses an LED strip that injects light into a specially worked surface with micro particles so small that the surface is hardly perceptible when the appliance is turned off.

When the appliance is turned on, the transparent interior appears to fill with light as if by magic, as absence is turned into a perfectly diffusing emitting surface.
This unique result is obtained through Discovery’s direct and indirect emissions, which produce an embracing and uniform light.

Discovery is now available as a wall fixture or a horizontal suspension.
Discovery vertical suspension is coming soon.





Calipso by Neil Poulton

Calipso’s unique honeycomb surface was generated by feeding a photo of the moon into an image-based algorithm.
The resulting fractal shape has an impure geometry that displays the irregular beauty of nature.

The diffuser is built from an organic honeycomb-like shape with tubes of varying diameters, seemingly arranged in a random geometry.

Calipso is now available in a wall/ceiling version.
Calipso suspension is coming soon.



Yanzi by Neri&Hu

In a blend of tradition and innovation, Yanzi is a lightweight composition of graphic signs. Balanced structures, such as branches or perches, support multiple stylized figures to provide a variety of versions and qualities of light.

They are iconic swallows with a brushed brass body, with their head like a white glass sphere enclosing light, either flying free or contained in glass cages. There is unique sensibility in matching warm and cold, essential yet refined materials.

Yanzi Floor, Table, and Suspension are now available.







Alphabet of Light
by Bjarke Ingels Group

Alphabet of Light can be used to design light in a space with words as well as graphic signs using simple base modules with specific geometric proportions that can be combined to create countless linear or curved structures of light.

The linear and round modules can be combined to form a system of letters, numbers and symbols as well as free or closed compositions.

Alphabet of Light suspension and wall are now available.





by Massimo Roj & Giovanni Giacobone

A highly efficient appliance combining acoustic and luminous efficiency,
Eggboard is available in color temperatures of 3000 or 4000K.

Crafted of sound-absorbing PET which bears a striking resemblance to cardboard egg packaging, active “faces” operate at the top and bottom to minimize sound reflections.

Eggboard horizontal suspension is now available.
Eggboard vertical suspension is coming soon.