Turn Around inverts the approach to the light system, starting from the principles of sustainability, reduction, lightness, integration, optoelectronic intelligence, application freedom and interaction. It is a combination of different structural and lighting solutions that adapt to last-minute space. It is a composition based on a very small track, with a patented section dictated by the standard thickness of plasterboard, meaning it can be inserted into the available space in any situation. Various linear, 90° angle and curved modules can be combined with electrical and mechanical continuity, availing of the utmost freedom to create ever-different shapes.
The freedom to design light in space is ensured by the flexibility to combine different geometries within the structure, but also the possibility to integrate different performances.

Indeed, the same track, powered at 48V,  can accommodate a linear module for diffused light, plus sharping, spot and suspension modules. Two different elements combine 8 or 12 patented sharp optical units which accurately and uniformly design light emission with beam apertures of 2×10° and 2×30° and controlled UGR. The ultra-slim track can house Vector 40, 30 and 20 spotlights.
The LED strip can curve freely and run the length of the system with a totally uniform and constant light emission for 2 or 4,5 metres.
In addition, Turn Around can be completed with square rings of secondary track which can be fixed to the primary track horizontally for diffused light, or vertically for diffused or spot lighting.
The entire system is developed not only in the recessed trimless version but also in SMD and suspension versions, with direct light only or with diffused indirect emission.

Please note that these products are not yet available in North America. Stay tuned for product updates. 
You can exclusively discover all of these products in our showroom in New York especially for the NYCxDesign event.


Carlotta de Bevilacqua