A.24 is an open platform available in linear or circular systems.
A single intelligent profile generates three lighting performances while following the architecture of a space with continuity, freedom and flexibility.It is a fluid system that harbors a patented optoelectronic technology and can be used to design light in space. A.24 is a new comprehensive and flexible system to design light within a space.
A single profile, only 24 mm thick, can be installed in recessed, ceiling or suspension mode to continuously follow the angles on a flat or three-dimensional surface.

The system can host a variety of performance options: diffused light, sharp optical units with three beam angles, or a smart magnetic track.This makes A.24 an open platform that can accommodate other products from the Architectural collection, including Vector Spot.

The suspension version also features direct emission. The three solutions can be alternated to match the needs of the architecture.
A.24 Circular is available in two diameters ⌀1122mm  or ⌀1500 mm as a standalone circular system that can host a variety of performance options including Vector Spot and Sharping.

Please note that these products are not yet available in North America. Stay tuned for product updates. 
You can exclusively discover all of these products in our showroom in New York especially for the NYCxDesign event.


Carlotta de Bevilacqua




Surface, Recessed, Suspension & Systems


Linear & Circular
Diffused, Sharping and Magnetic Track


Black, White, Brushed Copper, Brushed Bronze, Brushed Silver