Artemide is pleased to launch a new generation of the best-selling Tagora fixture.
Tagora is a versatile family of products ideal for a wide range of applications.

A series of cylindrical luminaires for ceiling & suspension – mounted installations,
available with different diameters.

3 sizes


artemidearchitectural-architectural-tagora-270-suspension-white-blue artemidearchitectural-architectural-tagora-570-suspension-white-blue artemidearchitectural-architectural-tagora-970-suspension-white-blue

Ø270 Ø570 Ø970


The new model of Tagora Ø270 offers 3 new types of distribution for more precise, comfortable light of distribution.

I flood 62.4 lm/W I spot 62.4 lm/W I diffused 25.5 lm/W

For each type of distribution, we offer a new LED chip diffuser made of an opal acrylic material.
The spot and flood distribution lenses are now in clear polycarbonate.


Design Offices – Munich – Germany – Photo by Design Offices



Mariano’s – 3030 Broadway – Chicago, IL USA – Photo by Leslie Schwartz


Tagora Ø570 and Ø970 now have 2 lumen packages, both low output and high output.

Tagora Ø570

High output: 5090lm delivered lumens – 90 lm/W
Low output: 2588lm delivered lumens – 95.1 lm/W

I Tagora Ø970

High output: 9238lm delivered lumens – 84.1 lm/W
Low output: 4832lm delivered lumens – 85.2 lm/W

INTEGRATED emergency battery pack

An integrated emergency battery pack is now available only for Tagora Ø570 and Ø970 in ceiling and suspension versions.

Centre Nutrilait – Montreal, Canada – Photo : Claude-Simon Langlois



Centro Servizi dello Studentato Universitario – Trento – Italia – Photo by Frederico Villa, Susanna Crisanti