IPNO GLASS Suspension


  • Ipno is a suspension appliance with a magical effect. Its transparent body shapes light using a high-level emission control, obtained through its soft geometry.

    Inside the blown crystal glass lies an innovative optical unit that directs and concentrates light on the glazed part of the bottom surface to diffuse and open it up with a soft emission. The glazed surface conceals the inner workings of the optical device to prevent glare.

    The inner optical unit works according to a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) principle to direct the emission. It comes to life when light passes through the material, but only a minimum rate of light is emitted into the environment in a diffused and uncontrolled manner. Ipno combines tradition and innovation, manufacturing savoir faire and optical competence into a harmonious shape.

  • -Blown crystal glass diffuser.
    -Internal reflector in PMMA.
    -Spiral patterns at the bottom of the glass diffuser.

  • LED
    Driver is compatible to both 2-wire dimming and 0-10V dimming options.

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