• Available in all formats and 3 body sizes, Empatia is marriage of art and science.

    The hand-blown glass diffuser displays an ombré progression of opacity from transparent to frosted from base to top allowing efficient light diffusion without glare.
    The white-painted bottom plate within the diffuser reflects light created by the internal LED “pipe”.

    The die-cast aluminum base holds a touch dimmer.

  • -Heatsink and electronic unit in painted aluminum.
    -Diffuser in handblown glass, clear towards the bottom and frosted at the top to allow reflection of the light without glaring and without losing efficiency.
    -Light pipe in transparent low absorption coefficient methacrylate guides the light to the diffuser Glass bottom plate within diffuser in painted white aluminum to reflect light.
    -Stem in aluminum painted white.
    -Base in steel painted white.

  • LED

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