“Our project for Artemide is an attempt to reconcile the needs of the natural and the urban environment.  Our strategy is twofold:  on one hand, it is to design a light for the public space that when not in use can be as imperceptible as possible; light without a lamp.

On the other hand, it is to take advantage of different types of sensors so that light appears only when needed.  For “O,” we envision a series of discs that interfere as little as possible in an existing landscape, but that when activated by motion, illuminate the adjacent space for only a limited amount of time.”  – Elemental“O” is an essential element that, when switched on, frames nature as an unobtrusive object in space that does not alter environmental balances. Its controlled and comfortable light emission can be adjusted with sensors to ensure focused operation, thus preventing waste and respecting the circadian cycles of all animal and plant species.

While “O” is IP protection graded for outdoor use, it is also a perfect lighting appliance for indoor use as well as outdoor, thanks to a cabled option that allows easy relocation. In this case too, the IP protection grade is anyway t for outdoor use. Its lightness is not just formal: its thin aluminum profile is an element on its own, which can be moved wherever necessary, allows multiple uses, and creates a pleasant ambiance anywhere with its soft, non-glaring light.  All models are available in either a black or white finish to match all possible spaces. “O” is a comprehensive family creating dynamic lightscapes.

Please note that these products are not yet available in North America. Stay tuned for product updates. 
You can exclusively discover all of these products in our showroom in New York especially for the NYCxDesign event.






Wall/Ceiling, Floor, Suspension


Structure in aluminum & silicone


O: ⌀900 mm
O 45: ⌀450 mm


DEL 42W 2700K/3000K 90CRI -1595lm

O 45
DEL 22W 3000K 90CRI -859lm