“We all have that one object that tells the story of a lifetime, of a journey, or a collection of objects that we would like to underline with light. Curiosity – inspired by the universe of the “cabinet of curiosity” – was born from the desire to offer a small exhibition to all those who wish to showcase an object under its light. By nature, it is intended for any sector, both private and professional: museums, display of private collections or of objects on a restaurant table. Everyone is free to imagine its own presentation on the lamp stage.
But there is more to this: Curiosity is decorative and versatile. With its small removable diffuser, it can become an EXPO or a DECO lamp. Thanks to its battery, it is also nomadic and easy to move: it will find its place in all the interior design scenarios. Who said that curiosity was a bad defect?” Davide Oppizzi

Curiosity is a new portable lamp that through its unique shape showcases the objects that it can hold inside of it. Available in  black finish in two sizes, it can enhance any object placed inside. Its base supports any object you want to show illuminated by the small spotlight on top. It is a controlled light using a white glass sphere with amber light that creates a warm atmosphere, enhancing positive emotions. Curiosity can bring light anywhere, lasting up to 16 hours without a charge, giving you the freedom to reinvent everyday lighting context.
It gives the freedom to place light as desired, in domestic or public spaces. Curiosity is a perfect tool for retail spaces, exhibitions, or restaurants, where it creates an elegant atmosphere able to showcase products and give ultimate freedom to change the space as desired.

– USB port
– Lithium Li – On rechargeable battery – 16 hours battery life
– Three light intensities

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Davide Oppizi






Structure in aluminum


Curiosity 36: 210 x 180 x h 360 mm
Curiosity 45: 180 x180 x h 450 mm


3.6W 3000K 80 CRI – 360lm
Spot and diffused emissions